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Scrapbooking Craft Glues, Glitters and Foam Tapes

Just diving into the world of scrapbooking? With over ten years’ experience serving Australia as a leading online supplier of all things DIY, our team is committed to bringing quality, affordable products to the DIY market and educating our new followers about how to jump in.

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If you’re just beginning to make your own memory binders, we’re here to highlight some of the basic tools and accessories you’ll need to get started. First up? Adhesives. No longer limited to traditional choices, there are now a plethora of bright, colourful and safe ways to pin your favourite memories in a lifelong storage book.

Ready to learn more? Check out our summary below of some of the most common adhesives on the market and how they can bring extra life to your project.

How to Get Started: Your Basic Guide to DIY Adhesives

If you’re just getting into home-based DIYing, it may seem like the standard go-tos for crafting are limited to all-in-one tape and glue. Fear not – the crafting market has exploded and there are now various ways to adhere your keepsake items in bright, colourful, unique and safe ways:

  • Art & Craft Glues: These offer a long-term solution for keeping your favourite photos in place without damaging the originals.
  • Foam Tape Adhesives: Want to bring a 3D illusion to your project? Use simple foam rubber adhesive to make certain elements stand out items from the page. If you’ve seen ‘mounted’ photos, you know what we’re talking about. These binding agents have a thickness to them so it looks like items are coming up off the page, while still safely secure.
  • Glitter: Fun, bright and accessible for the whole family, glitter can bring a little sparkle to your day. We have low toxin products available so you can make creative time safe and fun.
  • Pins: Need something gentle for a textile memory? Consider investing in some quality pins.
  • Washi Tapes: These are the bright and colourful rolls that have taken over the scrapbooking world. Used for planners, journals and memory keepers, washi comes in every colour, shape and size so you can keep your photos in place with style.
  • Double-sided Tapes: These are great for adhering photos and cardstocks to base pages.
  • Stationery: Don’t forget the simplicity of a simple paper clip for pinning a precious keepsake. Using clear plastic sleeves to protect valuable items? Consider sliding a paper clip along the edges to close the sleeve or keep the item in place inside its sheet. Want to jazz up your pieces? Choose from our variety of stickers or craft stencils.

Tape, Glue and Glitter and More

With flat-rate nationwide shipping and an in-house team well versed in shopping for craft accessories, Sassy Scrapper has become Australia’s favourite craft destination for good reason. Looking to begin DIY-ing? Take a look around our site to learn more about the basics of scrapbooking and how you can dive right in.