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Customising Your Scrapbooks With We R Memory Keepers

Looking to get into the basics of crafting? With a product range that expands from accessories and tools to durable binders and markers, W R Memory Keepers has become a recognised name in Australia, and among the DIY world, and for good reason.

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Your most precious memories should be secured in safe, durable and long-lasting Albums that can withstand the test of time. We have put together a basic list of great tools, kits, and accessories that are good first purchases for beginners.

Ready to dive in? Check out our recommendations for your crafting kit.

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Regardless of your reason for crafting – from trinkets your children make at school, family photos, memories from milestone dates and anniversaries, and more – having a sturdy, long-lasting diary to keep your most precious items in is key.

First things first. We recommend:

  • Deciding which kind of keepsakes you wish to preserve: Photos only? Or small tactile memories like handmade jewellery, pins, scrap material and small stationery prints? Both go a long way in making your project unique.
  • Next, decide on its use: Are you going to be leaving your project out on the coffee table for guests to peruse, or do you just need a safe, long-term solution to keep your favourite items secure? Memories that are to be stored on shelves or simply for photo storage may need a sturdy shell, but not as much intricate design. Meanwhile, Books for frequent use, review and sharing are a great DIY project that you tailor and make your own.

After you’ve considered what you might like to save and how some of the tools you should consider investing in include:

  • Albums and binders: This is going to be where you keep your memories protected, so we recommend a hard outer shell to keep photos and papers from being bent, wrinkled or squished. Further, different sizes are readily available. If you’re considering pulling together a gift, you might want to look for a smaller size to help with shipping. Looking for a book to keep on your coffee table? A larger binder may suit. All of this depends on what you’re looking to store inside.
  • Papers and sheets: Most people recognise good quality scrapbook cardstock as being ideal for getting crafty, designing illustrations, storing photos and more. Protective sheets are also important – if you invest in binders with a ring binding, you have the option to insert plastic sleeves that can safeguard material, textiles and other small trinkets you don’t want to pin or glue to paper.
  • Fastening solutions: Much like the plastic sleeves, some items will be readily glued onto the paper – while others, not so much. Consider picking up some glue, pins, clear and colourful tapes, paper clips and plastic sleeves so you can store keepsakes according to their value.

Keeping Your Cherished Moments Alive

Ready to kick off your DIY project? Check out our extensive range of pieces that can suit crafters at every stage. From beginner projects to professional designers, we’re proud to be a go-to supplier for Australians nationwide looking to store their most precious memories.