Vicki Boutin Color Study Collection

Vicki Boutin Cardstock: Bright and Colourful

Feeling a little bit quirky? Many long-time crafters recognise the Vicki Boutin range as bright, colourful and just the thing needed to bring a smile to someone’s face.

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Whether you’re crafting your own projects around home, or looking to gift someone with a little DIY, this popular range can help bring life and personality to your books.

Need a quick overview of some of our most popular products? Check out our list below to see which favourites fly off the shelves, with for good reason.

Family Fun with Vicki Boutin Projects at Home

Some go-to favourites from the Vicki Boutin range include:

  • Cardstock: This popular range is both fun and eye-catching. If you’ve invested in a blank canvas book and you’re looking to alternate white space with a pop of colour, consider investing in cardstock to change up the background pages of your book.
  • Stickers: With positive affirmations, bright mantras, flowers, daisies and more, these stickers are sometimes just the pop of positivity you need to ignite some of your favourite memories on paper.
  • Stencils: If you’re down for a little illustration DIY but don’t want to risk freehand drawing on your paper pads, a stencil can be a great way to make your mark without going outside the lines. Looking for a softer stencil? Consider filling in with watercolours – these soft and translucent paints can help you tone down an otherwise bright and eye-popping page.
  • Stamps: Need something faster than a stencil? Consider investing in stamps. Still aligned with the same fun and playful design seen among the Vicki Boutin range, stamps are a faster way to leave your mark without having to invest too much in paints, brushes or tools.
  • Washi Tapes: These are a scrapbooker’s best friends. Washi tapes are well designed, easy to apply and make colourful additions to any page. They also help to secure and fasten photos in place.

If you’re trying to maintain a cohesive look throughout your keepsake, this collection has the pieces you need for every aspect of crafting.

From Paper to Embellishments and Cardstock

As an Australian company, we have over 10 years’ experience in sourcing leading products for our local crafting market. Quality is the best way to go when crafting your own pieces to last a lifetime, so we always balance quality with accessibility so every DIY-er can jump on board.

Get ready to dive into the world of scrapbooking, memory keeping, journaling and planners. With flat-rate shipping available nationwide, we have an expanding product range available that caters to every task and taste.

Need help navigating our site? Feel free to reach out to our friendly, in-house team. We’re happy to help you find the best pieces for your projects and make your online shopping experience simple and fuss-free.