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Hello again, I am back to share the remainder of April using the 'Life is Beautiful' Collection from Fancy Pants. 

I have maganed to fit in the last two weeks of April on these pages and when using the same range of products across multiple pages, I often repeat the same patterns, colours and elements across all the pages so that there is a nice transition from one page to the next - check out my previous post to see exactly what I mean ;) 

As always I began with a custom title card to set the tone for the week, and have teamed up the gorgeous gold foiled vellum with some fun corrugated cardstock to give me a variety of textures. 
I toned down the bright coral colour with a little bit of white acrylic paint with a dry brush and once again use a few drips of the Citron Color Shine to add a little colour to the vellum.  

I printed a little bit of journaling onto one of the die cut speech bubbles from the ephemera pack and cut it so that it joined the filler card and photo. The quotation marks from the Polaroid stamp set helped to tell the story of what my little guys asks me every time we pass Pretzel World, and the photo corners from the puffy stickers were great for pointing out what he said.

I used an adhesive flip pocket to add a few extra pics from the Spotlight craft month tour, but you could also stitch or fuse a regular pocket from a spare page protector if you wanted to do the same. 

I carried over the corrugated cardstock and blue patterned paper to the second week, and kept the overall layout similar. 

The puffy stickers were such an easy way to give my photo a 'pop' and I couldn't get enough of the fun puffy dots for adding a little burst of colour.

Another trick for helping your page flow is the cut large elements in half and use them in two different pockets as I have with the large die cut doily in the top right and bottom left pockets.

I made a couple of simple filler cards with some die-cuts, stickers and stamping, and because I have used a little bit of all the colours from both pages they help to tie everything together.

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