Be Kind With Your Words

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Be Kind With Your Words
Welcome Guys Marie here as guest Art Journaler for the month of April.
I have been around for a few years but as a Scrapbooker and Project Lifer.
Have you discovered Art Journaling yet ?
Those Art Journalers are so brave, I was totally terrified by the blank page.
With brush in hand and numerous years of collecting all the pretty mediums
{ most of which have never been opened } I am about to take the plunge. 
As I didn't have a fancy Art Journal I made my weekly pilgrimage to the Op Shop
looking for a largish chunky, hard cover novel to alter. Score $1
So I hope you will come along with me for the ride.
Step 1   To form a firmer base I glued 2 or 3 pages together throughout the book
Step 2   Gesso I used Finnabair's Art Basics white gesso smooshed with my hands.
Step 3   Apply acrylic paints to the page and spread using a brayer or credit card.
Step 4   Dip your finger into a pot of creamy Dylusions paint and smear some circles
Yes,  you heard me correctly back to Kindy and good old fashioned finger painting.
I like to place copy paper underneath each side to collect any spills.
Step 5  Select a texture type stamp and Archival ink and stamp inside your circles.
Embrace the imperfection and go with the flow
don't worry if the image is not perfect it adds character.
Step 6   Can't draw a circle neat or messy to save your life here's a trick.
Take a stencil, mask or template of a circle and draw around your paint circle.
Now take away template and start with your pen on the circle you just drew
whiz around this circle freehand a couple of times. Easy Peasy.
Step 7    Using a variety of pens both black and white and varying widths add fine details.
Make your Mark - either copy the marks made by others or come  up with a custom mark.
Loosely draw 2 lines around your page creating a border
 fill in this border with dots, dashes, stripes or doodles.
I always make my Sharpie white marks first and when they are dry
I go around them loosely with the fine line black Dylusions pen.
Step 8   Now for another layer with stencils and Distress Inks
Don't stop at one stencil let loose go for broke and mix them up.

Step 9   OMG seriously have you come across these Kuretake Watercolours ?
They are deliciously vibrant.
Moisten your chosen colours pans and a large brush with water.
Load your brush with plenty of paint and run across the top of your page.
Hold book vertically over scrap paper and allow the paint to run and drip,
adding more water will encourage flow.
Reload brush with a watery mix of paint and hold at height over your page
gently tapping brush with your finger to produce splatters.
Step 10   Finally using Derwent Inktense, Neocolor II watersoluble pastels, crayons or Scribble sticks
to apply black for shadow or white for highlights on and around your images.
These are also fabulous for your written journaling as well.

Finally add any embellishment you feel the need for - wink wink nod nod
{ girls just love a bit of bling}
In conclusion :  Have Fun. Let Go Inhibitions. Get Messy. Relax. Scribble.
As I said I am a beginner and I would love you to follow along and play along with me this month.
Shoot me any questions I'd be happy to help you anyway I can.
Now that there are loads of new stunning journals in the Sassy Shop 
I'll be continuing my Arty Journalin a Dina Wakely Mixed Media journal.
I am going to embrace the scribble / doodle this month care to join me?  
I'd love to see what you come up with feel free to tag me on Instagram Mariesheil

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