Carpe Diem Recipe planning -Part 3 with Kylie

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Hi Sassy ones!
I hope you are all doing great! I'm back with part 3 of my Recipe planning set up.Ooooh we are getting down to the really fun things now.This week I am going to show you how I have set up some pages for meal planning.
Weekly meal planning brings many benefits.Here are my 3 top pointers:
1) If you can plan that week ahead it helps save on time wondering what to have for dinner.
2) It is also great to help with your shopping budget and avoid over spending.
3) It is a great tool to aid in general good health and well being.

Once you get into the routine of planning ahead it is so much easier to stay on track. Hey....we all crave Pizza......It's ok if you don't stick to it all the time!

Let's take a look at my pages for this week.

I've added some stickers to the marker tabs, labelling this section as Menu planning.

Ta-Dah! Here is a little look at this weeks layout.I am using the vertical inserts that come in the 'Boxed sets" of Reset Girl planners.Found in store here.
The box stickers from the sticker book are the perfect fit for these.I have also used the Carpe Diem number stickers for my dates.I am talking about these.
You get SO MANY in each pack in a fab range of colours too.

So here you can see the first half of my week.Each day is neatly divided up into three for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here is the second half of my week.I love the little ruled column to the right of this page for jotting my shopping list onto as I think of things.

Below each day I have allowed space for my water intake and steps tracker.This is ideal if you are really trying to balance diet and exercise for overall well being.

I mentioned last week just how many stickers you get in the Recipe collection book.I love them! Practical and decorative!

I hope you have enjoyed this week! Don't forget to follow along next week for Week 4.I will be showing you how I customise the Recipe pages.

Until then, keep crafting.All supplies available in store.



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