Carpe Diem Recipe Planning - Part 4 with Kylie

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Hi friends! I hope your week has been lovely.
Kylie back with part 4 of Recipe Planning. Week 4!! Hasn't the time flown?? I have been super busy in my recipe planner this week, adding in all my fave recipes. I thought long and hard about how I was going to label each divider, and decided on 
& Baking.
I really wanted to keep it easy.But you can customise your own to suit yourself!

Using my trusty typewriter I added to each label from a tab sticker in the sticker book and onto each divider.

Because the tabs on the dividers don't stick out a whole lot, I punched some extra tabs that were larger, and adhered above them.I liked this effect but you may be happy with just the tabs on the dividers themselves.

I totally love these recipe sheets! As you can see, again I have used my typewriter to write up my recipes. My handwriting isn't the neatest, (yeah um like eww!) 

I added a small pic for fun as well.

The side tab of the recipe sheets is really handy also for adding in smaller details of your dish.

You can mark in its difficulty and give it up to a 5 heart rating! It's also handy to add in any tips.

I've been super happy with how this is all coming together! Those decorative stickers are the best!

I hope you have enjoy my post today.
Until next week,
Kylie xoxo

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