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Hi There!

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Today I'm sharing a tutorial on how to make an envelope card. You could also you this as an invitation. It is really simple to do but makes a real impact!!

1. Use Unique sheet. Cut off the bottom strip
2. Fold in half diagonally
3. Unfold then fold in half vertically
4. Unfold then fold in half horizontally
5 &6. Unfold then fold 3 corners into the center
7 & 8. Fold the remaining corner the opposite way. (pic 7 back) (pic 8 front)
9. With front facing up, place adhesive along sides in top section only. 

10. Fold bottom section upwards & press against adhesive to form a pocket.
11. Place adhesive around top triangle
12.Fold bottom triangle upwards to so that it lies directly over top triangle to form 1 triangle
13. Flip envelope over so back is facing up. Cut a piece 8.5"X4.5" in either matching paper or a contrasting paper. Adhere to back of envelope. You made need to trim with scissors, depending on how spot on your folding is!

You will now have an envelope. 


To tidy up edges ink with dark brown ink. Cut a piece approx 8 1/4"X4 1/4" to use as the card for the inside. Decorate as desired.

When decorating try using lace or trims along the edges to dress it up. Include some ribbon on the outside so that you can tie the envelope closed

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