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Good Morning how are you this Sunday? Rikki here with my continuing journey in Project Life. Today I thought I would show you how it works as a double page so you can see the planning I was talking about last week.
As I have said before I made the choice to do Project Life for an event, the Crab festive we attend every year and has become a tradition for my family, it goes over 2 days and 40,000 plus people travel down to our little foreshore to enjoy the great foods, arts & crafts, the fireworks and all the water sports. I always take 100's of photos and when I get home only print about half a dozen and the rest go onto a disk and that it. This is where I love Project Life I can share the whole event in the sleeves that come in the kit and by the end of it I have 10 new pages for my scrapbook and I have shown and told the whole story.
A simple washi boarder adds a which mat for your photos and ties in with your colour scheme.
I have added all my embellishments on the outside of the sleeve just make sure you use a strong adhesive.....
Photo Freedom Birthday Wishes Collection Kit
Don't forget to enter into our monthly sketch you still have a few days to enter......

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