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Hello Sassy friends

More pages of my December Days album to share with you today.
I'm not going to lie, sometimes I'm just not in the mood to recap the events of the day, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. December is a busy month and we've all got lots on our plates. I'm certainly no expert at daily documenting, but I thought I'd share a few little things that have made keeping up to date just a touch easier.

* I use my phone for pretty much 90% of my images. If you link your phone with Dropbox, you can not only back up those precious pics, but also have them arranged chronologically when you need them, making them easy to find for your specific days.

* Having all my foundation pages ready to go was a real time saver this year. It eliminated 'creative' block, when I might otherwise be staring at a blank page and telling myself how far behind I was!

* I print off my photos via a word processing programme at home. I create picture boxes at the size I need, then squeeze as many as I can onto an A4 sheet of photo paper and printed them off in one go.

* For an photo editing programme, I have downloaded the Fotor app onto my Mac.  It has made editing the pictures SO much easier. You can apply effects, create borders, crop and save to your machine. You can even do a batch edit which can be a big time saver.

* I keep everything I need at arms length on my desk. I don't have the space
to keep it all spread out, but it's all in it's own box. That way, I have all the bits
I will need daily, right there, ready to go.

* I have now started to use my phone to take photos of my spreads too. This has also been a massive time saver, instead of lugging the SLR around, then waiting for the pics to transfer across to my computer. The phone automatically uploads the pics to my computer via Dropbox, so when it comes to sitting down to popping them in a blog post, they are ready to go. I have the Fotor app on my phone as well, so I can edit pics on the run, and have the added bonus that these edited ones will be ready for me in Dropbox when I need them.

* Now that I am on holiday, I am trying to make a concerted effort to sit down in the morning and sort my pics from the day before. That way I know it's done and I can avoid that guilty feeling if I have left it a bit too long!

Documenting December can feel a bit overwhelming at times, but looking through my album, I am so happy to have done it again. Hopefully I will remember these tips for next year!

Day 12
Day 13
 I have been loving the free printables that are available on the Pink Paislee blog. This one, was originally black text on a white background.
I imported the image into Silhouette studio and created a cut file
from the text. I just love the way it has turned out!

Day 14
This acrylic divider page must be one of my favourites in my album.
Day 15
I've created a little flap in the same paper so it doesn't overwhelm the ribbon stitching.
The No.15 is one of the Pink Paislee printables.
Lift the flap over, and I have a continuation of the story
and more pics from the day. My DH has put some Christmas lights on our house and we absolutely love it! Don't know why it's taken us this long to do it!
(Well, we did get a not-so-subtle-push from our neighours, hehe)
 Day 16
My journalling is attached via the ringbinder which you can lift 
to view the images below.
Day 17
 This has to be another one my favourites so far. 
I printed the large photo at the same size as the canvas page and mounted 
it to the back, punching corresponding holes.
Using Photoshop and a few digital elements (Just Jaimee Dec Storyteller)
I have added my journalling directly to the image and printed it off, creating 
depth without adding any more volume to my album.
As always, thank you so very much for stopping by and for all of your support over the year. This time next week, most of us will be tucking in to our Christmas leftovers! Wishing you and your families a safe and happy Christmas


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