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Happy Thursday
This week I'm sharing some things to make your planner pretty 

I started by creating a template in my silhouette studio
you can download the cut file here

Then you fold all of the flaps

Then using a circle punch 2 circles I've used glitter cardstock 
and you will need 2 mini brads

Line up the middle of your envelop and mark with a pencil
 where you want your holes and using a poker..poke to holes

And holes through the center of your 2 circles and pop them into the holes in your envelop

Once you have cantered the hole in the middle of the envelop

Add your double sided tape

And glue it down pop the brad through the circle into the envelop
and use the 2 openings to split the back of the brad open

Then add some double sided tape to the bottom flap and tuck it inside the envelop and remove the paper strip and press down to stick it closed 

Now it looks like a cute envelop

And now we add some twine so you can keep it closed

And as I'm adding it to my planner I use one of the pages 
out of my planner to line up the holes

Using a poker tool I have put 2 marks where I want the holes to go

Punch 2 holes Using a binder punch 

Now it's really to add to your planner

But I really wanted to add a little something extra to mine

And here is what it looks like in my planner

So let's make some little pretty paper clips to add to the planner
Using the strips from the paper pad and paper clips I didn't end up using the washi tape

Fold a 6 inch strip in half and cut it at 3 inches

Then fold it in half and snip a triangle out of the bottom and add some double sided tape

Fold it over the inside of the paper clip and 
punch out a shape I've used a heart

out of glitter cardstock to add on top

Punch out 4 hearts 2 small and 2mini

And add double sided tape to them along with the paper clip

Add a touch of strong glue to the mini hearts 
to adhere them on the front and back of the small hearts 

Take a mini strip of glitter cardstock and add some double sided tape
Fold it over the end of the paper clip and cut a little triangle out

And here are some close ups 
plus a look at how I used a heidi swapp stamp to stamp the numbers on my calendar 

I hope you find creating these pretty things super fun to make

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