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Hello Sassy Friends!  I hope everyone is refreshed and ready to start another year!  Project Life appears to be promising for me in 2015, although I am not completely sure where my journey will take me.  I am positive however, I will be enlightened and even somewhat amazed by the intricacies that will be documented.  But where to begin?
Like many of you contemplating Project Life in 2015, I need to have a starting point.  For me, it's all about getting organised.  Don't get me wrong, it is all initiated with the stories and without them, there won't be much to your PL. *grin* But if I don't have the space on my desk and am surrounded by last year's frenzy of clutter, I find that I cannot progress forward.
After that, documenting our stories generally begins with both words and photos.  So even if you aren't quite organised enough with the practical side of things, start creating right now by taking photos and jotting down your notes.  Catching up is relatively easy. It can be somewhat daunting though, right? Well, the time is here and now, so take a deep breathe and just dive straight in!
There is no right or wrong to how you start to document your PL2015. Here's a look at what I do and what I need to begin.  A practical, somewhat sensible guide to setting up PL2015.
An Album.
This year I am continuing to use a We R Memory Keepers Classic Leather 12x12 ring album.  I have chosen leather over linen, simply for maintenance reasons. A quick wipe over with a cloth keeps it dust free. yay!
Pocket Pages.
I am a huge fan of continuity.  Last year I stayed with the same pocket pages throughout the entire year.  The Becky Higgins Design A pocket page was ideal for me. This was a way of simplifying the process.  I knew exactly how many landscape 4x6 photos and how many 3x4 portrait photos were required to complete my week.  I usually didn't keep track of these numbers while in the moment of taking them, but it sure did help when it came to editing and printing out my photos.

Project Life Journaling Cards.
During 2015, I am determined more than ever to create a structured journaling process. When I look back on my PL2014, I see a lot of photos, which is totally okay, but I want to be able to read more about the details this time around.  These journaling cards found here, will be ideal as a base card, allowing me to journal and embellish to suit the entire weekly spread.
We all need to be able to document our stories and having a decent acid free pen is definitely a must!  I like to use pens that have a smooth flow of ink to prevent that scratchy look on journaling cards.  Being confident with a pen in hand is also a must.  A lot of people aren't comfortable with their own hand writing (me included) and tend to not add words.  However, PL2015 will require some form of documentation other than photos! *grin* If you don't use a type writer (like me) or find that getting onto the computer to print journaling, is too time consuming, grabbing a pen is the easiest way to document.
When working with a collection of patterned papers, stickers and alphas on PL, I use an eclectic assortment of pretty bowls. Here I stash my wood veneers, flair/badges and enamel dots.  All within easy reach on my desk. 
For bigger items, I am using clear plastic containers or baskets to keep similar embellishments and products together. 
My thickers and alpha sticker sheets are stored in a basket.  I was lucky enough to find one that is the perfect length for them to slot straight into.  I can fit quite a large number of these sticker sheets into one basket.
When it comes to storing my PL cards, I have salvaged a second hand wooden toolbox. It is the perfect size, allowing me to easily file through the cards until I find the style I am searching for.
Project Life Filler Cards.
But creating PL spreads don't always have to begin and end with "designed specifically for" 4x6 or 3x4 cards.  Many manufacturers are now taking into consideration the demand for PL products and are designing specifically for this style by using 12x12 patterned papers.
I love being able to play with these patterned papers and tend to gravitate towards them rather than PL cards! I am however, happy to mix and match the two types of product! No rules remember!
Favourite Products & Tools.
I have a few go-to products in my stash that get replenished over and over.  Click on the links below to check them out in the Sassy Shop.
Small sized alphas are perfect for weekly title pockets and subtitles. Becky Higgins Project Life Alphabet Stickers, Jillibean Soup Alphabeans, Kaisercraft Alphas & Prima are favourites because of their scale.
Date Stamps are great for keeping your weeks throughout the year in order. I like to document from Monday through to Sunday.
Clear Stamps that help document your story.  Quotes, labels and shapes are ideal for adding that extra "something" without creating too much bulk.
Portfolio 4x6 Clear Stamps
Ink/Ink Pads.
Punches/Dies & Stickers are also great for creating flat layers, hiding mistakes(!) or creating interest on your spread.
Echo Park Thought Bubbles & Hello Dies
 Now the rest is up to you!  Are you excited to begin PL2015? I can't wait to get started.  If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.  Thanks for visiting..x

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