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Hey Everyone!! It's Leanne here today to help you celebrate Project Life Monday.  This week I am sharing Week 38 | September 15 - 21.
This week was the last week of the school term 3 for my three older children and usually at this point of the year, they are all feeling rather tired.  We were definitely looking forward to the upcoming school holidays, but before that occurred, we had a few things to get done during week 38!
Today's spread has been created with more of the gorgeous Teresa Collins Design Nine & Co, and Crate Paper's Notes & Things.
My Week 38 title pocket card was created using the reverse side of the Nine & Co Hearts paper, layered with an horizontal 3x4 cut apart from the Nine & Co Cards paper.  I also added a Studio Calico Label Sticker for the placement of the Kaisercraft Coral Alpha numbers and tucked in a hashtag "wk" from the Studio Calico Essential Alpha Stickers.  I finished the pocket card with a butterfly sticker and a gold foil circle sticker.
The pocket next to the title card contains a label sticker.  I wanted this label to run over the edge of the photo, but instead of discarding the excess, I adhered the leftover part to the adjacent card.  The leftover piece of sticker doesn't distract from the title card but rather connects it to the pocket it sits next to.
I have played with stickers quite a bit over the last few weeks.  Most of the time they have helped create clusters and layers, but sometimes a sticker on it's own can make quite the statement.  The deer head was too beautiful not to be used with these two collections.  This pocket hasn't been overly embellished and symbolically, it reminds me of my own two young "bucks" - Liam & Ethan.  If you note from the main photo of page one, I have even included a number "2" next to the deer head.  *grin* Sometimes there is method to my madness!
Other elements on page one include a little tag pocket, created from the Crate Paper Memo paper.
And journaling typed directly onto another Nine & Co Cards cut apart.
Page two is a little more subtle.  Not so many bold colours and more journaling has been included.  This last week of school before school holidays started was one of celebrating, creating and some waiting...
This week, DD was on crutches.  She could have chosen her timing much better to injure herself (!!) because this week she was participating in a leadership camp with her school.  Three days and two nights of camping (in a tent, not a cabin) with crutches!  Oh the memories!!  LOL!
There was a little drama however, in leading up to her ability to go to camp, so of course what else could I do but document it!  And we had plenty of waiting time in waiting rooms to think about what I was going to write!
The celebration part of the week was much more fun!  Necklace making and finger painting! Yay!
Finally, as the week wound down for us, I went on a Pride & Prejudice binge.  I watched, not only my all time favourite movie but also the BBC tv series of the same name.  It's not often I get a chance to spend the entire day experiencing a movie marathon.  In fact, with four children, it's completely rare that I get to sit down at all!  *grin*  SO for this reason alone, I needed to include this part of my week in my PL spread.
 To document my love of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice,
 I went to Pinterest and searched for movie posters/quotes.  I saved a copy of the Pin I loved the most to my computer and then transferred it to my photo files to be printed out with the rest of my weekly snapshots.
I hope I have inspired you this week to use a few more stickers on your pages or even add a section about your favourite movie.  Thanks for visiting...x
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