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Hello Sassy Friends!  Welcome to December!! This week I am excited to share with you, my PL spread Week 49 | December 1 - 7.  Yes.  You read that correctly!  One week ago.  I was so keen to get started with the gorgeous December PL kit that I've actually skipped sharing Week 47 & 48 and moved directly onto recording our first week of December.
During this week, we were ridiculously busy.  We seemed to have had so many events to attend and see to, that I have been left with a very photo heavy weekly spread. To make these pages look less busy, I've reverted to my go-to solution.  Photo collages. 

Ninety percent of these photos have been taken with my iPhone.  I have used a smart phone app called Diptic, to create the collages and saved them to my camera roll.  Once my photos have been taken, edited, and added to the Diptic collage, I simply print them out at the 4"x6"  size.  I've also taken the time to keep each event within their own collage, so that the content makes more sense for when we review this week in the future.

At first glance, my spread doesn't seem to have documented the details from our crazy week.  However, my title pocket card has been created to contain hidden journaling.  This 3"x4" Teresa Collins Card patterned paper, has been trimmed slightly on the bottom and then slipped beneath the music sheet patterned paper (found in the mini paper pad). 
There is so much happening visually with this week's spread, that I've deliberately created some tone-on-tone filler cards.  I love that the white cards appear fresh and crisp, with small pops of glitter red!


On page two, I've shared more images of our decoration process.  December 1st, was a Monday.  This meant that my older three children were at school when my youngest and I pulled out the Christmas Tree.  He was incredibly excited but still patiently waited for his siblings to come home before the chaos.. ahem.. I mean, spirited decorating began!  I love to photograph this process, especially the placement of the star, on top of the tree.  With four children in this household, each year they claim it was someone else who had the honour and they are the one now due a turn.  Thanks to PL and the clear photographic evidence, there can be no further arguments!
The beginning of December also heralds the return of our Christmas Elf.  This year, "Elfvis" arrived superhero style... aka Spiderman.  Complete with mask, spider emblem and web strung from the bedroom door frame.  He also arrived with a welcome note, on which I've journalled more details onto the reverse side.  This note has been included (see above) tucked behind the Pink Paislee ephemera tag.
The above filler card was created using white cardstock and more glitter pieces from the Pink Paislee ephemera pack.  Once again, I couldn't resist adding that fun touch of red glitter and the silver word strip!
Even though our month is busy, I wanted to also remind each member of my family, that December and Christmas time can be a wonderful time of the year. Hence the use of the perfect sticker embellishment from the Teresa Collins Tinsel & Co alphas.
To finish off my spread, I've added the black glitter words found in the kit.  I love that the font is whimsical and tends to portray the idea that the magic of Christmas is approaching.
Stuck for ideas to photograph and document during this month? Or just plainly too busy to think about it? I suggest that you search online and seek out a photo-a-day challenge site/list for December.  This could save you a lot of aggravation and help in the preplanning stages of recording your own December.  Don't forget to add your own personal touch. Good luck..x

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