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Hi Everyone and welcome to Project Life Week Five | Jan 27 - Feb 02.  This week in January was the week my kids started back at school and my daughter started her dancing boot camp.  And even though it was a busy week, (bordering on insane!!), I want to share with you today, a few tips on how I keep documenting when life is just plain crazy! *grin*
This week there were four main events that were note worthy.  Firstly, as mentioned above, my children started back at school and Tahlia started training for her performance in a major theatre company's production of CATS.  But our youngest boy also had a trip to the dentist and we celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday.
Each event need some kind of preparation for us to be organised to attend.  Therefore I didn't have an awful lot of time left over in my day for concentrating on Project Life as much as I have in previous weeks.  On my full Week Five spread above you will notice that there are three clusters of collaged style prints.  You can see here in Week Two how I put these together.  It was important that I took photos even if they were just on my phone.  The only time I used my DSLR camera this week was at home.  I didn't even take it with me to school on the first day, because I know how distracted I can get with settling the kids in their new classes and meeting their teachers.  SO... I settled for some quick snaps of them while they were sitting at their desks. 
It was during this week that I realised I need to do quick and easy note taking rather than remembering all the tiny details.  I made the decision to document our post school holiday routine, which admittedly, felt a little like 'Groundhog Day' during Week Five. It was an easy way to record our life right now, even if I didn't have the time to take all the photos I would have liked. 
This awesome Daily Schedule 3"x4" card is part of the Project Life Teen Boy themed kit and can be found here.  It is ideal for the quick journaling process I needed to complete.
A lot of my journaling this week comes in the form of titles and sub titles.  The photos which weren't self explanatory or where I needed to fill in the gaps, such as the 'School Captains' pocket, had more extensive journaling added next to the photo.
I have also discovered a good memory keeping app on my iPhone called Momento.  Each night before I place my phone on charge, I would move my favourite photos into the app on the appropriate calendar day and add a few short notes to go along with it.  I have also linked my Instagram and Facebook accounts to it, which then get automatically updated to the app when I make any posts.
When my weeks are as busy as this one, the when and why of events can sometimes become a blur.  I have definitely found more clarity with these jotted down notes than if I were to rely on my memory alone.
Just as simply, you could always have a pen and notebook handy on your bedside table just to write down the things that happened during the day, before retiring for the night.  Taking a few minutes at the end of the day will save a huge headache in the long run.  A big tip however, if using a notebook and pen, please be sure to date every entry.  This will help with documenting the details later, especially if you ever fall behind.
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