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Hello Sassy Friends and welcome to Project Life Week Four | Jan 20 - 26. 


This week was all about drawings, artwork and spending time with each other before school resumed.  The weather was lousy too so that made our indoor time a little more special, having to find crafty projects for the kids to keep busy with.  *grin*

With all that indoor time the arts and craft projects accumulated, so today I want to share a few ways of adding memorabilia such as children's artwork to your pages.

I've chosen to archive my kids' art in two different ways.  One way is to include it directly into my PL album as is.  If the image fits nicely into a 4"x6" pocket I will frequently cut the original artwork down to size.  Of course, before I am brave enough to make that first cut, I will photograph it so I at least have a digital copy if I accidently destroy it!  Secondly I will use a piece of 4"x6" cardstock and place over the top of the image.  I will move the cardstock  about, until all or most of the image is covered.  This cardstock then becomes my template for cutting.  Finally I will use the cardstock and mount the artwork directly to it.  If the paper your child has drawn on, is sturdy enough, you won't need to follow through with this step.  However, my kids seem to go through copious amounts of printer copy paper and I find that it is generally too flimsy and slightly see-through.  :)  The same process is followed if you want to use a 3"x4" pocket instead.

If I find that there is sufficient white space on the artwork, I will add detail directly to the paper.  This is where the cardstock backing comes in really handy!
My second method of adding artwork memorabilia is simple.  As mentioned above I often photograph them.  This allows me to include other details such as the pencils they used to draw with.  Generally, I find that with photographing the drawings, the images and colours don't fade over time.

The rest of this week documented the weather and what these two got up to when they weren't being artistic... *grin*

Looking at my spread this week, I also noticed that the colour red was quite dominant in my photos.  I used red coloured Evalicious puffy sticker embellishments and wooden veneer hearts that I inked,  to connect my stories together visually.  My thought process was much like last week's when I used these embellishments.

You may also notice that I have left a journaling card blank on my second page.  I wanted to use this card because of the green border to balance out the green on the other side.  But I also felt that the page needed an area for the eye to rest as you look at the complete spread and I am okay with not filling it in.
Photographing artwork allows you to keep precious memories without having to store physical pieces of art.  If I kept all the cardboard/toilet roll/tissue box paraphernalia that my children sticky taped together, I think we would have to have an add on to our house!  I love that Project Life memory keeping can truly simplify things.
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