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Hello Sassy Friends! Today I am sharing Project Life Week Six | February 3-9.  This week is all about highlighting the journaling details and I found the best way to achieve this, is to break out my acrylic blocks, beautiful colour ink pads and some clear cling stamps.


As soon as I saw the new supplies come in, I immediately ordered the Captured Moments Polaroid Stamps by Kaisercraft, from the Sassy shop.  
Captured Moments Polaroid Stamps
It was easy work stamping the images onto white cardstock and they were exactly what I needed to help share my stories for the week.  Fussy cutting around the images also allowed the embellishments to add to the spread, without the excess bulk that can sometimes crowd Project Life pages.

I wanted to keep it meaningful yet simple too.  If I add an embellishment to my spread it usually has a subconscious implication.  The stamped image of the glasses above, is a perfect example.
My youngest school age son received some exciting news from school this week.  It involved him doing an extension class for creative writing.  In our household (and no disrespect to anyone who wears/needs glasses - as 2 out of 6 people in our household do) this style of eye wear symbolise being clever.  Ethan has always teased his dad saying they are "nerd" glasses! I wanted to use this image to convey the important educational opportunity he has been given.  I also added the small yellow stamped stars, to each lens space, as I think he is a bit of superstar! *grin*


Other stamped details have been stitched to the pocket pages they correlate to, not only to help adhere the image to the background cards, but to have a visual connection to the rest of the spread.
The cut-out tags (really old Kaisercraft clear cling stamp) have also been stamped onto white cardstock, which I then simply added my typed journaling to.
When stamping images onto cardstock, use a foam mat beneath, so when you press the stamp down onto the card, it will produce a clear, sharp image.  Also, each stamped image doesn't need to be the same colour.  On this spread I have used navy, gold, yellow and sandstone.
 Maggie Holmes Flea Market Tag Sale Paper 
Maggie Holmes Flea Market Open Air Paper
Becky Higgins Love Themed Cards
Maggie Holmes Click Paper
Captured Moments Polaroid Stamps
Captured Moments Calendar Stamps
Hero Arts Shadow Mid Tone Ink Navy
Hero Arts Shadow Ink Soft Yellow

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