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Hi :) I have been playing with the gorgeous new Heidi Swapp Hawthrone collection and loved combining the rich moody tones with some delicate foil flakes to create my latest layout. 

Before starting the page, I tested several types of adhesives to see what would work best with the foil flakes and found that besides actual gilding size - a thin layer of tacky glue produced the best results for what I wanted to acheive.

I started by masking off a section of the background paper using washi tape, then poured out some tacky glue onto my craft matt and used a small sponge to apply a thin even coat of glue onto the page using a light dabbing motion and ensuring not to over saturate the paper to prevent warping. 

Working in small sections I sprinkled on rose gold foil flakes over the glued where I had applied the glue and used my fingers to gently spread the flakes over the glued area then went back over the area with a dry brush to help attach the flakes to the page while removing the excess then peeled back the washi tape to reveal a clean crisp line.

Even though I deliberately left some areas of my background visible, you could easily apply more flakes to achieve full coverage.  I addes some paper layers along with some of the cardstock stickers .

I love that this collection features some 'Minc'able items, giving you the option to either leave the products as they are or use Minc reactive foil to add some matching foil highlights. 


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